The Clapper culture is the values, behaviors and skill ingrained in our organization and its members. This is our greatest priority and the key differentiation factor to achieve our vision. Our decisions and actions, from recruitment to strategy are aligned with the company culture.

At the heart of our culture are 5 core values. The company values are traits we value in fellow employees. Each core value encompasses a few important behaviors and skills. The 5 values we live by are:

A Learning organization

An establishment for open minded individuals who embrace innovation by being constantly inquisitive and ready to embody knowledge and new ideas.

The Extra 1 Degree

The extra degree of effort reflected in the passion of highly determined individuals to create the impact which drives the organizations success.

There is always a solution

The ability to always achieve a desired outcome by being highly persistent and demonstrating courage in any given situation using effective judgment to act in the organizations' best interests.

Teamwork Performance

Practicing effective communication, creating a fun and positive working environment and behaving selflessly in the interest of the team.


Be truthful and sincere in actions and extend trust and respect to others. Practice fairness in all our dealings.

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