We hire a wide scope of people, including: Application Consultants, Technical Consultants, Sales Solution Consultants, Project Managers and Application Support Consultants.
We are always interested in hearing from dynamic “Will Do” candidates, who just love a challenge. So if that sounds like you, send us your CV to

6 Main Reasons to Join Clapper Technology

1. Know the Direction

We are a highly aligned organization. All levels of employees understand our vision, mission and core values. Our strategies and goals are clear and specific. Our employees understand where we are, where we are going and how we are getting there.  

2. Fun

Joy at work. A culture that promotes and recognizes achievements and job satisfaction resulting in happy and successful employees.

3. Grow Together

We develop our employees by giving them the opportunity to develop themselves by surrounding them with fabulous colleagues and giving them big challenges to work on.

4. Fluid Organization

We believe in setting the appropriate context as opposed to controlling people. Understanding the end goal rather than taking rigid orders every step of the way will allow high performers to do better work. 

5. Great Benefits & Rewards

We pay top of market to maintain a high performance culture. Hiring and annual compensation is market based. Our annual leave policy: officially N days a year plus another X days based on the employee's discretion and his/her immediate report. This freedom is given to responsible employees in appreciation of the time and odd hours they put into their work for the company.

7. Performance Based

Our compensation and grading is based on the skills and performance of the individual and not the "position" he/she holds in the organization.