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Manhattan Associates - SCALETM

Affordable Technology That's Scaled to Fit, Ready to Run

Deploying a logistics execution system involves more than reaching a successful go-live. Businesses must continually improve and adjust their supply chain operations to meet changing market demands.

Manhattan SCALETM: Supply Chain Architected for Logistics Execution is a perfect blend of features, function and technology for organizations looking to affordably solve their supply chain execution challenges.

Built on Microsoft technologies, Manhattan SCALE offers:

  • Sophisticated logistics capabilities
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Highly configurable environment
  • Hassle-free upgrades
  • Low total cost of ownership

Rapid Deployment, Real Results

The ability to quickly go from whiteboard to warehouse makes Manhattan SCALE attractive to many organizations. Companies from diverse industries such as third-party logistics providers, food and beverage distributors and consumer packaged goods have achieved the following results with Manhattan SCALE:

  • Quick implementation
  • Simplified system setup
  • Minimized training time
  • Rock-solid functionality
  • Trouble-free upgrades

With Manhattan SCALE, your company can quickly experience significant business benefits:

  • Increased shipping volumes
  • Better order accuracy
  • Reduction in erroneous or excessive labor
  • Visibility into previously elusive portions of your supply chain

A Targeted Set of Solutions with Sophisticated Logistics Capabilities

Scaled to fit your precise distribution operation, Manhattan SCALE lets you to tie together processes, data and workflows to cost-effectively enhance the overall performance of your supply chain.

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Manhattan Associates - SCOPETM

Platform ThinkingTM: The Common Approach for Uncommon Supply Chain Performance

Platform-based approach is the best way to optimize supply chains and promote innovation, long-term growth and enduring market advantage. Platform Thinking drives our supply chain principles, practices and solutions and makes possible economies of scale and efficiencies that bolster profitability, interactions that optimize service, and business insight that underlies uncommon competitive advantage.

Manhattan SCOPE : Supply Chain Optimization - Planning through Execution is the embodiment of Platform Thinking. Manhattan SCOPE enables "whole chain awareness"-the power to see and act in ways that factor in storage, labor and scheduling constraints; transportation capacity, routing plans and fuel cost parameters; and inventory planning and buying decisions-whether real-time or ahead of time-so that company performance is optimized every time.

Manhattan SCOPE is expressly designed to capture the holistic power of your complex supply chain to increase profitability and deliver service levels that help your organization prosper. Only SCOPE provides a full range approach-from planning through execution-to optimize every link of your supply chain for an improved total outcome for your business.

With unrivaled predictive technologies, a common process platform and key visibility, intelligence and adaptive functionality, SCOPE leverages the spectrum of people, tasks and events across your supply chain for the most efficient, accurate performance possible. SCOPE's modular service-oriented architecture facilitates the creation of cross-suite applications to address specific requirements core to your goals.

In an increasingly complex world of demand, you can't afford to simply manage your supply chain anymore-you have to optimize it. SCOPE: Supply Chain Optimization-Planning through Execution-is focused on getting you there.

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Manhattan Associates – Extended Enterprise Management

Extended Enterprise Management:Collaborate to Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Costs

Not knowing when your inventory will arrive pushes up labour costs at your warehouse. Delayed shipments may cause stock outs at your stores. Increased globalization makes tracking your inventory more difficult than ever. You can solve these issues one at a time or you can implement one solution that addresses them all???and provides better results through complete integration.

Manhattan Associates' Extended Enterprise Management X-Suite Solution connects you with trading partners and provides the overarching visibility and event management capabilities required to successfully manage inventory through global supply chains. By collaborating more effectively with partners anywhere in the world, you can ensure goods flow dynamically through the optimal channels on time to your customers. Whether you choose to centralize the purchase ordering process, generate EAN/UCC128 compliant case labels upstream, create advanced shipment notifications or leverage the global visibility and event management capabilities to track and control inventory, Extended Enterprise Management unites the critical functions that enable you to accomplish your trading partner goals.

With Extended Enterprise Management, you can:

  • Manage global collaborative commerce with one centralized solution.
  • Increase on-time delivery rate by 10-20%.
  • Reduce warehouse receiving time by 20% to 40%.
  • Increase order fill rate by 5% to 15%.
  • Remove 3-5 days of inventory from your supply chain.
  • Decrease cycle-time variability by 2-4 days.
  • Lower inventory safety stock levels 5-15%.
  • Reduce overall inventory carrying, transportation and labour costs.

Integrate Applications for Amplified Results

Extended Enterprise Management integrates the following Manhattan platform applications and components:

  • Supplier Enablement: Extend powerful supply chain capabilities to your suppliers to manage order fulfilment and automate communications all via a centralized browser-based solution.
  • Hub Management: Enable hubs and 3PL providers to provide instant visibility of orders, shipments and inventory. Streamline transport and inventory by managing partner-to-partner shipping and enable hubs to complete direct fulfilment.
  • Logistics Gateway: Acknowledge order ready-to-ship to initiate transportation optimization and share critical data in real-time to keep all your transportation partners working together to eliminate empty miles and wasted fuel by filling every truck.
  • Store/Customer Gateway: Let customers and stores track and receive their orders and shipments via one centralized portal and provide receipt of delivery and inventory on-hand.
  • Supply Chain Visibility: See a single, consistent, real-time view of your entire global supply chain for greater inventory control, promote optimal fulfilment channels, and reduce cycle time variability to lower safety stock levels.
  • Supply Chain Event Management: Track and monitor supply chain events in real time and respond immediately based on alerts to critical exception events, which may threaten your ability to meet customer demand.
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