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Route Planning for Delivery Success

Distributors face multiple challenges every day, high volumes of customer orders to organize, rising fuel costs, drivers and vehicles to manage, changing road and traffic conditions, and tight time windows.  All of these scenarios combined represent an overwhelming situation.  To remain profitable it is necessary to find a balance between route efficiency and servicing customers.

Roadnet®, a tactical daily routing tool, allows you to do just this.  Optimize routes and have the ability to balance both profitability and customer requirements. Using advanced industry algorithms and custom routing passes, you can create multiple intelligent route plans faster-maximizing the investment in your fleet.

Roadnet Can Help You:

  • Reduce Distribution Costs & Fleet Miles - Daily routes are created using powerful algorithms and street-level routing, in conjunction with your business constraints
  • Increase Resource Utilization - Make better use of existing resources by delivering more and driving less. The answer to increasing volume is not always to put more vehicles on the road, but to make smart, efficient deliveries
  • Make Sound Business Decisions - Understand how delivery costs affect the profitability of each customer by knowing the actual cost per stop
  • Set Driver Standards - Creating route plans and gathering actual information allows you to set performance standards and expectations-which can result in less overtime and better driver performance
  • Decrease Routing Time - Let your routers spend less time configuring routes and more time assessing what-if scenarios to produce better, more efficient routes.
  • Contingency Planning - Prepare for holiday or seasonal spikes and other "what if" scenarios
  • Reports - Driver manifests, maps, directions, resource utilization, customer delivery cost, actual versus projected by route and by stop, planned route summaries and many more reports to help you consistently evaluate your success


Our customers experience significant gains that result in increased profitability. Our customers have used Roadnet for:

  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Reduction in vehicles
  • Reduction in overtime
  • Reduction in routing time
  • Increased vehicle capacity
  • Dramatic improvements in driver management
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Roadnet Technologies™ - Territory Planner

Plan for Tomorrow's Routes and Beyond

Transportation managers can't seem to keep their head above water by simply maintaining deliveries for today and tomorrow.  Additional customers are added to full routes, maxing out your driver and vehicle resources.  Other factors such as seasonal volume hikes, rising fuel costs, sudden long-term traffic issues or other resource crisis will force you to take action whether you like it or not.  You must be prepared by being able to respond to these scenarios with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

Territory Planner® lets you strategically prepare optimal territories and routes for the future by allowing you to incorporate "what if" scenarios.  Historical data including delivery days, open/close times, preferred delivery times, volume and geographic location is used to create optimized and balanced territories, routes and stop sequences. All within an easy-to use interface that allows re-routes to occur when they should.

Territory Planner Can Help You:

  • Balance Delivery and Sales Territories - Workloads can be evenly balanced in order to create equal delivery and sales territories
  • Optimize Route Sequencing - the user defines the optimal route sequence all the while adhering to open/close times and time windows
  • Add New Customers Without Adding Trucks - Blending in of new customers onto optimal territory and route placement is a simple and quick exercise with this tool.  The impact of new customers can be quickly assessed and can help you determine whether your existing fleet is sufficient or in need of additional vehicles
  • Reconfigure Territories and Routes for Seasonal Changes - or other what-if scenarios.  New territories and routes can be generated to analyze volume fluctuations due to seasonal changes quickly and then stored in the system for fast implementation at any time
  • Cost Per Stop - Determine the profitability of each delivery stop by knowing the actual cost per stop
  • Management Reports - Territory cost, territory distance, territory summary, territory exception report, and driver itinerary help you improve upon your plan
  • Route Books- Driver manifest , driver directions, and route maps keep drivers prepared


Our customers experience significant increases in profitability including:

  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Reduction in vehicles
  • Reduction in overtime
  • Increase in strategic re-routes
  • Reduction in management resources
  • Reduction in time required for strategic re-routes
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Roadnet Technologies ™ - MobileCast®

Collecting Delivery Information in Real-Time

Do you desire real-time visibility into your delivery day?  Would you like to be notified of any unplanned stops or if a driver has traveled off-route?

MobileCast gives you the opportunity to see your routes in real time with GPS tracking, manage by exceptions, and make sure your plan is as good as the reality.  Having information on where your drivers are, when they will make deliveries, and any changes to route plans is critical to properly manage your transportation business.  MobileCast works hand in hand with wireless voice and data networks, GPS, and the MobileCast Server.

MobileCast provides:

  • Real-Time Route Execution - Whether you create route plans, or dynamically assign pickups or deliveries, MobileCast tells you how well your route is being executed with actual vs. planned data, customer arrival and departure times, and more
  • Increase Driver Productivity - GPS tracking ensures your drivers are following the most cost-effective routes, reducing wasted time and mileage
  • Manage by Exception - View a driver's location and be notified and respond to any unplanned stops or route path deviations
  • Proactive Customer Service - Be alerted to potential service issues before they happen, giving your Customer Service staff continuously updated arrival and departure information
  • Automatic Integration - Data collected in the field will be automatically integrated into the planning system to create an even more accurate plan tomorrow
  • Management Reports - View on screen or printed reports of actual vs. planned, route exception, driver performance, and more.  Compare your goals and determine how well your organization is meeting performance targets


Our customers have experienced:

  • Reduction in miles driven
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased driver productivity
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